Performance Dyno Tuning

Purpose of Dyno Tuning

We offer full-scale tuning for your vehicle to give you all of the horse power the laws of physics has to offer. Dyno tuning offers auto-enthusiasts extreme performance testing and bench-marking.

Not only do we offer performance reports to inform you of your vehicles current horsepower, but we are also capable of installing the necessary parts and re-tuning your vehicle for extreme performance.

Dyno tuning helps to calibrate your engine so that you have a more cost-effective and smoother ride. This procedure also helps with common issues such as poor gas mileage, surging, pinging, difficulty starting the vehicle, or lack of power. If you need performance work done on your vehicle, you may want to consider getting a dyno tune to allow your vehicle to work at optimum performance. A dyno tune can help resolve many of these problems.

A dyno tune uses the preferred settings that are matched to your vehicle and its equipment. This commonly provides for maximum power, better drive-ability, good fuel economy, and a smoother ride. It increases the horse power of your vehicle and returns the vehicle to stock fuel economy. It also minimizes or even prevents backfire.

Dyno tuning can also save you from costly repairs in the future. A dyno tuned engine does not have to work as hard as a vehicle that has not been dyno tuned. Additionally, dyno tuning reduces the wear and tear on the vehicle. The life of your engine is also extended. Contact us about dyno tuning today!

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